Monday, March 19, 2007


I am having an out of body on X at a small party of very pretty people. I feel like an outsider. Faith tells me I remind her of Eve, of beauty, of womanhood. I smile inside myself, because I want it all to be true but I know I am not those things. She looks so genuine with her face like light that I want to believe her. Ambient music is pulsating through me, in me, and I feel the love coming on. I feel the need to be naked and close to anyone. I see Faith on the floor in the center of the room, the bass rippling her creamy flesh and she is gorgeous. I am drawn into her arms like a lost child. I lie beside her in half darkness with my face on her chest. I suckle her like an infant, and it becomes innocent to me. I am transcended into a state of wholeness, feeling a closeness to women that I never have before, closer than I ever felt to my own mother. Then I open my eyes to realize where I am, at a party, in the center of the room, ambient music washing over me, and men staring at me with hunger. My mouth envelops the breast of my friend, and for just one moment I feel like one of the pretty people. Aleathia Drehmer 2006 Published by Zygote in My Coffee #67

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