Thursday, March 15, 2007


At the edge of a river shallow and running fast, my desire shining like a beacon on the other side. My crossing is filled with anticipation and laced internal trepidation. Cold water seeps over and under my feet simultaneously with the feel of mercury, levitating me slightly like some cheap magicians’ trick of the eye. My knees collapse, crumpling beneath me, neat and folded like I am a flesh accordion being put away for the night. My body slips beneath a watery sky, to a river bottom vestige. Liquid fingers touch me in places I had not thought of, her nails sinking into me deeply, ripping hope by bounding me. She is drowning me. I hear the warped voices, friends above the surface in the air, sweet wonderful air that my effused lungs may never taste again, for on the day of my birth I am at my death. Aleathia Drehmer 2006