Monday, September 17, 2012

Punctured Tones

(with Brad Burjan)

The walls hum
with uncertainty
only because they
in thought, fluctuating
atoms of soundless
mind stuck in the air
like a black and white
picture that [[deafens]]
in the darkness,
                awakens with the thrill
                                  of defeat
                            and it’s

                         E              R             E

where the gods huddle
underneath            the skin of air
creating cavities in teeth
from the sweet decaying
                  hope of filling that point
of time that a million Buddhas

The heart quickens to stop
       and is entrenched in something
a little more than what even Jesus
could imagine.

The heart quickens to stop
        as lips hover to drop
a punctured tone and the only thing
you hear are heart attacks falling
from the mouths of men.

The heart quickens to stop.
We are all accomplices
to murder in the end.

Aleathia Drehmer/Brad Burjan

Published by Red Fez, Red Reader #1

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